IMG201502101541091TRADE KINGS LTD is one of the largest private manufacturing establishments in the Southern Africa, engaged in diverse manufacturing disciplines. Our core business represents the manufacture of Detergents; Soaps; Nutritious Food Products and a comprehensive range of Sweets & Confectioneries. Emerging economies stimulate significant demand from society at large and Trade Kings’ has established a significant presence in the manufacturing sector regionally. Our emphasis is to provide branded products of superior quality and value that improve the lives of consumers nationally and internationally, now and for future generations.

The Zambian Manufacturing sector has experienced tremendous growth since 1990 and Trade King’s contribution is recognized nationally and regionally since its commencement in 1992. This development has inspired a culture of self sufficiency for Zambian manufacturers and allowed Zambia to become a significant exporter and producer of various consumer goods. This growth was exported to regional markets and in 2009 Trade Kings expanded manufacturing operations into South Africa. Trade Kings South Africa was established, with operations in Johannesburg. Trade Kings still continues to expand in line with its vision.